Options are a means of filtering and pinning actions to different choices. You can add several options to one action and use them in various ways.


You can mark actions with options such as Strategy, Objectives, People, Functions, Themes, etc., and then filter your view according to these. 


By using Options, you don't need to prepare presentations for different kinds of meetings. Instead, filter your view according to your options, and you're ready to present your plan.


Please note that you have to have admin rights to create and delete options. Additionally, Options are part of the Plan-365 Team Plan only.



The Options View

You can find all your team's options in the Info Panel by first clicking Settings and choosing the Options column. 

Under Options, you can

  1. Add new options
  2. Delete options 
  3. Change their order
  4. Edit the option title and its choices.


How to Add an Option

  1. To create a new option, go to Settings in the Info Panel.
  2. Click open the Options column. 
  3. Click the plus icon to create a new option. 
  4. Type in your option's title in the pop-up window and check the boxes Use in Filters (if you want to filter your view with options) and Multiple Choices (if you wish to create several choices for this specific category of options). 
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. In the new window that opens, use the plus icon to create one choice at a time. Remember to click Save.
  7. When you have created all choices, click Save.

Here are a few examples of how you can use options:

If you want to create an option for strategy use, name the Option Title Strategy. Then, add choices that fit your strategy theme, such as Business Growth, Operational Excellence, Customer Service Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability, etc.

If you want to create an option to characterize objectives, name the Option Title Objectives or KPIs. Then, create choices that fit this theme, e.g., Revenue Growth Rate, Net Profit, ROI, Customer Satisfaction, etc.   


How to Attach an Option to an Action

  1. When in Edit Mode, click the desired action to activate it. 
  2. Click Edit Action in the Info Panel and choose Details.
  3. In the pop-up window, click open the Options menu and select the choices you want to attach to the action.
  4. Click Save. 


How to Delete an Option

  1. Click open Settings in the Info Panel 
  2. Open the Options column 
  3. Select the option you want to delete and click the red x-icon to delete
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking OK in the pop-up window.