Tags are a means to ease information search in your plans. You can mark an action with as many tags as you like and use the tags for filtering. The tags can indicate, e.g., projects, departments, activities, etc., such as Marketing or Sales, and you can use the filtering to connect different activities with the same tags.


How to Create Tags

  1. To create a new tag, open Edit Mode.
  2. Choose the action you wish to tag.
  3. In the Info Panel, click Selection and Edit Action.
  4. Click Tags in the drop-down menu.
  5. Type in the tag's name and click Create tag.
  6. Click Save.


How to Filter Actions with Tags

  1. In the Info Panel, click open Filters.
  2. Under Tags, select the tag(s) with which you want to filter. You can choose the tag(s) either by typing or using the list on the right.
  3. You can filter with an AND function or an OR function. The AND function filters all the actions that have all the tags that you choose, and the OR function filters the ones that have any of the ones you choose.
  4. To remove the filtering, click Clear Filters.


How to Remove Unused Tags

(Please note that you have to have admin rights to remove unused tags.)

  1. Click open Settings in the Info Panel
  2. Open the Others column
  3. Click Remove Unused Tags
  4. Confirm the removal of unused tags by clicking OK in the pop-up window.